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Good mods for career mode?


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Hi guys, after some years I'm finally back to KSP and I want to start a new career mode game w/ some mods, actually the mods that I wish to use are:
-USI Life Support (plus base parts)

-The whole Near Future Pack

-Interstellar Extended

-Classic Mechjeb, Kerbal Alarm Clock, etc

- Clouds and graphic improvements


-Some parts pack like SpaceY



-Others minor mods



Now the problem is that I have so many parts in my sandbox test-world that it's almost impossible to truly understand and use everything

Does this kind of problem still appear in career mode? Or with the progression it's "natural"? 
Also what do you suggest for improving the total parts count? (i.e. I don't think it's necessary to have 192739 2.5MT LF/O tanks)

Thanks in advance!

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16 minutes ago, linuxgurugamer said:

Get The Janitors Closet, you can mark pars as hidden, and using the Permaprune option you can keep the unused parts from being loaded

Thanks for the suggestion, I will try it asap!

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I would recommend a fun mod like better than starting manned, but it is a little tricky to install it.

Another good mod is bargain rocketry. Really, try to get mods that feel "Kerbal" to you. Just because it looks cool doesn't mean it is meant for the game.

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