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Say what your thankfull to have in KSP!


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errm... thank You KSP for 4000+ hours of ingame time. Most entertaining software for crazy people.

Nice community members from all around the world.

Launch button. Just great.

Funny Kerbal chars.

And so much more!

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Firstly, I am thankful to SQUAD for a very fun and educational gameplay. It really helps jacking up my physics grade on my school. Funny kerbals and LEGO style gameplay (with rocket fuel and explosions). It has been 3 years since I'm having the game and still playing till today

Also, I'm thankful for mod community. It really brings a new and exciting experience to the game when you are bored with stock. It adds new gameplay and new things to do. Really exciting

And lastly, for the community. Full of fun and amazing people who always eager to help newbies as well as discussing new and interesting things, FOR SCIENCE!

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I’m thankful for the lack of story or direction, I think Squad has the created the ultimate sandbox possible. Whenever I have thought of something I want to do, the only barrier has been my skill, not game mechanics. Though I’ve been playing actively for 3-4 years, I’m yet to get bored. I’ve bought tens of other games in that time, and enjoyed them, but inevitably I abandon them and come back ksp. 

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