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Nova 7

I have to say I do admire others that build SSTO craft because of the challenge an SSTO can be. They can be tedious, ridiculously precise with it's TWR's but yet very satisfying at the same time.

The wide body of Nova7 is allowing really nice Aerobraking, landing is a little delicate but fun. It's a crew only craft build, I may add a small cargo bay in a future rebuild.

Operations to achieve Orbit: At Takeoff apply RCS, SAS, full throttle and tap space bar. After craft lifts from the runway, lift gear, climb to 20 degrees, inactivate RCS to reserve fuel. Start gravity turn near 18,000m, switch to Orbital Map and hold 15 degrees until rapiers kick in wet mode, when Apoapsis reaches 100m kill engines and drift until -1.30s Level the craft then hit only atomic motors at full throttle to complete Orbit.





More Photos Here







Craft File: Nova 7
Parts: 79
Mass: 43.597t
Height: 4.2m
Width: 16.3m
Length: 15.0m

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