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Speed Demon


What do you think are better mods?  

7 members have voted

  1. 1. B9 Or LLL

    • LLL (Lackluster)
    • B9 (B9 Aerospace mod)

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Wait, is this a poll about modded parts, or a thread for fast planes? Seems like it's trying to be both?

Also, in an attempt to stay on topic, here's a pretty fast stock plane of mine. (I didn't vote in the poll as I neither use nor even know the mods you are talking about.)


"The Arrowhead2 WLRefit" Has enough power to put itself out of the atmo (70k Ap+) with no vacuum engines. Have flown it as fast as Mach 4.98 before it disintegrated from heat. Humorously enough, it's actually a very old plane design that originally had 4 Wheesley's , all I did was slap 4 Whiplashes on it in their place.

I'm sure there are much faster planes out there, especially from the other speed record challenges we've had. I draw the line at making "minimum wing-heat shield monstrosities" personally, since it just doesn't feel like a plane anymore; but a glorified missile.

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