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[1.12.x] Interstellar Flight Inc. Life Support


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On the stream you asked what people liked in existing life support mods. I answered a bit in chat but it got a bit confused.

TACLS - too much detail for detail's sake. There's no point having kerbals need Food, Water, and Oxygen when you can just pack the same duration's supply of all three - the resources might as well be called "Sn", "ac", and "ks". If they actually had some distinct functionality that might be a different matter. TACLS also just has too-low numbers; a kerbal needs roughly 0.4kg supply per Kerbin day, so (unless I have made some hilarious arithmetic error) this means a Mk I Command Pod and kerbal needs the pod's weight again in supplies for a five (kerbal) year mission. This is not a hard requirement to satisfy so TACLS becomes another annoying thing to forget but not a serious issue that needs planning.

USILS I use now. I appreciate the way it's simple for short missions and complex for long ones - with other LS mods if a month's mission wants a 10kg tank of supplies, a ten-month mission wants a 100kg tank of supplies and you're just doing the same thing with bigger numbers. Partly this is because of the range of recycler and agroponics options (albeit most of them do come down to saying, well, this recycler weighs X kg and saves Y g consumption every day so it breaks even in this much time) but mostly because of the habitation mechanic which, while it can be gamed very easily, if you don't game it does really add a new mechanic to worry about.

USILS does have the arguable downside that it pulls you into the orbit of the rest of the USI mod constellation, but apart from the enormous horde of WOLF parts cluttering up the VAB, I can live with that. (Yeah, I know, the Janitor's Closet...)

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New release,

  • Fixed  nullref caused when mod was not enabled
  • Added saving of ProtoCrewMember.KerbalType as well as the trait
  • Changed IFIMess calls to Log.Warning, removed IFIMess() 
  • Made messaging of kerbalsl being turned to tourist and restored to active duty consistent
  • Changed minimum update frequency from 15 to 5 seconds
  • Fixed tourists not being reset back to Kerbals when LS restored

Development is not yet done, but it is now in a released state.  There is a lot of cleanup to be done in the code, but nothing (at present) which affects the functionality

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