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Threads of the Month: December!

Ten Key

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Is it December already? It is? I guess that means it's time to round up some new threads of the month! :)

And a big thanks to @Geschosskopf for joining the moderators in nominating December's threads.



First on the list, follow the continuing adventures of the Ussari Union as @CatastrophicFailure chronicles their exploration of @Galileo's Planet Pack! Chock full of spectacular vistas, increasingly "daring" contraptions and gut busting humor, this one's sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. Just don't read it with a mouthful of coffee. . .you have been warned. :wink:



Next up we have a true labor of love, a collaboration between @eorin and @Exothermos to create a high accuracy replica of the SR-71 Blackbird. The end result is nothing short of beautiful.



Also from The Spacecraft Enchange, @Castille7 introduces us to the exciting world of Kerbal Kayak Racing. It's as wild (and entertaining) as it sounds. :)



Cassini may have said its final goodbye, but @Rus_1952 takes us back to Saturn with an RSS cinematic of an airplane mission to the ringed planet!



Finally, have a seat at the table with @Avery616 and ask yourself, what are you thankful to have in KSP? 



And thanks again to @adsii1970 for providing the Thread of the Month badge. :)



That wraps things up for this month. As we roll forward into the winter months (where did the sun go?), please remember to keep an eye out for threads that you think would make good threads of the month! Go ahead and use the report button, and put "Thread of the Month" in the comments box. That way your nominations will go out to the entire moderator team at once. 

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