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Yet another BDA dogfighting competition

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2 hours ago, DoctorDavinci said:


Take a look at our BDPedia (KSPedia) in game for info on AI settings 

I haven't put pitchKI in yet but it is a PID controller that will help stabilize your craft if it is floppy while flying ... each craft will respond differently to this setting

Pro Tip - set pitchKI to zero as a starting point and test at different speeds ... if your pitch keps wobbling then adjust the pitchKI to compensate for the wobble

Hey thanks for that! I did check the BDAwiki etc but could not find anything, as you said, you didn't add it yet. Great stuff by the way...

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17 minutes ago, Andetch said:

Hey thanks for that! I did check the BDAwiki etc but could not find anything, as you said, you didn't add it yet. Great stuff by the way...

I wasn't talking about the wiki ... when you are in the game click on the KSPedia button and look at the BDAc entries that are in there :wink:

PitchKI isn't listed ... I guess I should update that at some point


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The Fencer returns, but does it have what it takes? See now, in

@drtricky's F-42 Invader vs @NotAnAimbot's MBL F-25BN2 Fencer



10 hours ago, Abraxis said:

Thought I'd stop by and share a few links to my crafts. Feel free to include one of them in the competition if you want to.






I hate to be a stickler for the rules, but in the interest of fairness I'll have to say that the rules require craft to have a Kerbal in a cockpit to participate officially.

Though since there are no other entries right now, I can run an exhibition round for each. :)

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I kinda had written that entries are closed in the OP,  but, eh, does it matter. :D 

So without further ado @NotAnAimbot's MBL F-25BN2 Fencer vs @Kukler's SU-39 Ripper-C:


By the way, if anybody feels like they are lost on the whole fighter aircraft design thing, I'm sure the other belligerents and I would be willing to provide plenty of tips, just ask. :D

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1 hour ago, Earthlinger said:

This could be a sort of testing ground for craft before they head over to @HeroBrian_333's competition

The Fencer is currently third on Hero's thread, so you're getting that fight anyway. And I highly encourage just testing the craft yourself. The setup is super easy with vessel mover:

  1. You use the spawn craft function to place the craft, cut throttle with X, stage once for each craft and enable brakes (I used to turn them the opposite ways, but stopped bothering, they figure it out).
  2. Use vessel switcher (the VS button in BDA window) to assign teams.
  3. Open up BDA settings (Alt+B or the gear in BDA window), enter competition distance, and click start competition.
  4. Optionally save when the craft are 400-500 meters in the air (because if they are on the ground the medium landing gears like to flip over planes on load).
  5. Time warp a bit so the craft get to their assigned locations faster.
  6. Observe the battle when it starts.
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