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USI and how to use it

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sebi.zzr's link is a good starting point, but be aware that USI isn't a single mod, it's a set of mods that can be used independently or together, so what part of that wiki applies will depend on which of the USI modules you installed.


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Indeed, which part of USI?

USI-LS?  Your kerbals will need supplies to live off, your supply cache can be extended through the use of fertilizer + mulch in an agroponics module to create more supplies.  (It's a bit lossy, IIRC)

MKS? I think that adds hab/home timers to kerbals, so you can't just stick them into sardine cans for years at a time (even with lots of supplies).  Plus it adds a lot of more advanced resource chains.

Konstruction? Useful for lots of reasons, like building larger space stations in multiple launches or increasing the mass that a kerbal can move around while on EVA (using KIS/KAS)


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USI-LS uses Supplies and includes green houses to let you produce more supplies. It also has hab/home timers that force you to consider how much living space you're giving your kerbals. It's entirely self contained.

MKS uses a more complex life support model and adds more resources to manage plus a ton of additional parts to support large ship and basebuilding.

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