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Hi everyone! I've sent three kerbals on a mission to Minmus in a vessel made of a lander (an Mk1-2 Comm.Pod) and a second part with a Kerbitat. When i detatch the lander in order to land and it escapes the Kerbitat sphere of influence the value of habitat obviously decreses as now the kerbals are in a small place. The strange thing is that only the first kerbal to have previously entered the lander (the first in the list) gets the 7 days of habitat granted by the lander; the other two become homesick. It's a bit confusing, as i thought all of them had to get the 7 days.... is all right? Or should it works in a different way?

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39 minutes ago, Papu95 said:

Hi everyone!

Hello, and welcome to the forum!  :)

Sounds like you're asking a question about a particular mod, so I'll move this topic to the "Add-on Discussions" forum.  It's worth mentioning, though, that if you do have a question about a specific mod, by far the best place to ask is to go find the forum thread for the mod (under "Add-on Releases") and ask there.

That tends to get the best/quickest answer, because that will be where to find all the experts about that mod.  :wink:

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If I had USI and that happened, I wouldn't care: a space agency is under no obligation to jeopardise a billion-dollar mission because one or two of its astronauts want their mommy. I'd either a) never send these egotists on a mission again, or b) terminate them from the tracking station if it's a Monday.

I really didn't drink enough coffee today, did I...

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