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[1.4.x][WIP] Kerbobulus Space Industries (KSI) - Stockalike Near Future Spacecraft [CST-100, Orion, etc.] Misc. Pack 1.1.3 Released

Bottle Rocketeer 500

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 Hello, and this will be the dev thread for my upcoming mod, Kerbobulus Space Industries, which strives to recreate near future spacecraft (not to be confused with @Nertea's wonderful NFT mods), such as the CST-100, and Orion (not the nuclear one, the one NASA is currently developing) in a porkalike style.  Currently, I am working on the CST-100, and am about 3/4 of the way through with the service portion. Still, you should expect more coming in the near future. Without further ado, here is the current progress!


Kerbobulus Space Industries - Miscellaneous Parts Division:


            Legacy dev pics

Service Bay Partially Animated
Service Bay Modelled and Animated
Service Fuel Tank Modelled
Decoupler Modelled
CST-100 Service Bay Remodelled!
Service Bay Modelling Stage Done!
RS-88 Engine Modelled!
Remodelled the tank, as the domes went out too far.
Engine Plate modelled,
RCS Pods Modelled! SM Done!

Heat Shield Modelled!


 CST completely modeled!



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6 hours ago, CobaltWolf said:

That's right, I remember doing the math on this once for someone. It should be 3.125m diameter in game (same as a Boeing Delta IV, actually...) and then the overall height should be about the same.

@CobaltWolf As I said earlier, this is a kerbalized version, and I wanted to give it a purpose in the stock game, so I made a cargo bay instead of a purely fuel-filled service module, like planned previously, and just like @Angel-125 said in the making of his Estonian pod for DSEV, it would look awful if I were to make the capsule more squat. The reason the service module is so tall is because the parts would look horrible if I were to reduce the size of them. Also, I made a "Minmus tree" for the weekly challenge, to be launched tomorrow! (On a Falcon 9/ Heavy)

Merry Christmas to all!

EDIT: BTW, my Minmus tree is almost at max temp on the pad on Kerbin!


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@damonvv Hello, everyone! I will now be working on mesh optimisation and UV unwrapping- the second phase  of development for the CST-100! For the past few days, I have been playing another game (read Space Agency), but will now focus again on development of the CST-100! Have a happy new year!


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