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Switch Between Distant Vessels

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I'm sending a convoy of 3 ships to Moho. I have to be on them on sphere of influence (SOI) change, without any warp, so it minimizes the risk of losing the encounters, or to make short correction burns if it is already lost.

Problem is, the ships don't always show in the map view, especially if they are on different SOIs. Sometimes, if I zoom out and in, the ships appears for a few seconds. Most of the time I need to go to the tracking station to switch between them. Which is very annoying and time consuming.

Kerbal Alarm Clock has a function that allow me to go directly to vessels that I set an alarm, but I need to set alarms on every ship to do this.

Sometime ago I saw a mod that lists all the vessels in the game, ordered by distance of the current vessel, and allows to to switch between them without the tracking station. Now I can't find it anywhere.

Anyone know this mod or any similar? Any mod that help to not lose randomly the encounters are also welcome.

I already use "Easy Vessel Switch", is an awesome mod, but as far as I know it is designed only to vessels inside the physics bubble (2.5 km).


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It was Haystack that I saw.

Now I discovered Targetron, seems to be better by the comments in the forum. I'm using 1.3.0, and easily found a compatible version.

I've made some tests, seems to be working perfectly. It's a HUGE time saver and made the game much more dynamic and enjoyable.

Thanks guys!!

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