In the footsteps of Mercury...

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Project Gemini, NASA's second human spaceflight program designed to test the hardware for use with Apollo and its associated moon shot. 

  • Real life backstory and information
  • KSP (with pictures from real life to the corresponding images)

On May 25th 1962 the challenge to land a man on the moon and return him safely to the earth had been set.  At the end of Project mercury, after Leroy Gordon "Gordo" Cooper had flown aboard Faith 7.  At the end of the program NASA originally planned to use Apollo to test hardware for the moon. as that wasn't ready, a mercury MK-2 capsule was proposed, this was to be the capsule we now know as Gemini.  


Gemini 1 was a test mission and so was Gemini 2, Gemini 1 was intentionally burned up on re-entry, Gemini 2 was a test of the heat shield this was successful .

Gemini 3 the first of the manned mission with the capsule "The Molly Brown" as a reference to the survivor of the titanic disaster Molly Brown, and because Virgil "Guss" Grissom's capsule had sunk. 

However the original crew were: Alan Shepard and Tomas Stafford 

The capsule's code name was GLV-3 12558


Gemini 3 patch 


The only major issue was the famous case of the space corned beef sandwich that John Young had smuggled into the capsule 






i hope you enjoy please let me know how i could improve.

also huge thanks to all of the people on the forum that have helped make my first year here special THANK YOU!


Gemini 4, James McDivvit and Edward White, the first spacewalk by an American. With the first rendesvouz attempt which failed because of the lack of practical training

White would be the second man to "walk" in space, and the first American to do an EVA. He enjoyed the experience and was reluctant to return inside the capsule, he did eventualy and on the 48th orbit they planned to re-enter the computer failed so on the 62nd orbit they did a rolling re-entry which was used in Project Mercury


EVA in KSP, all i have because well more important parts are in the Gemini 3 section  



Next mission will be done in around an hour: Apollo 7 (Although the Gemini program is interesting Apollo is my main focus)

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