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Space Combat Challenge (make spaceships and fight them with other player's ships)

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So, I was messing around for the Naval Battles! (Defeat other player ships) Challenge (its awesome, check it out) and I built a space battleship but couldn't find a place to put it. So this happened! 


Stock Battles: Start battles at about 5km distance in Kerbin orbit, combat is turn based with each ship in a fleet getting a turn in a Team A1-B1-A2-B2-A3-B3 fashion. NO INFINITE FUEL/ELECTRICITY!!!

BDA battles: to be added, though it seems that high Gilly orbit should work 

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12 minutes ago, [INDO]dimas_1502 said:

i mean i want to make this kind of challenge but someone did it first

Oh okay, my bad :P

About the rules: I think we should do non-stock weapons, because otherwise, those of us with not so good computers (AKA me...) won't be able to participate. BDA's torpedoes seem like they might work, but we'd have to do some testing.

Just some thoughts..

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7 hours ago, [INDO]dimas_1502 said:

btw how about adding Mun rover combat? 

Or low gravity combat in general :)

Fighting in orbit/space is tricky because of all the, well, space, and it's hard to coordinate attacks, so I think it might....be easier to just.....idk :P

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45 minutes ago, MiffedStarfish said:

Also please please please make it stock weapons.

Mebbe both...? (As in, two categories...?)

EDIT: If I make something with no armour, then the part count would be manageable

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For actual space combat, High Gilly orbit would likely work best. Orbital speeds are around 8m/s so BDA guns (if used) will behave normally, and spawning ships in via the Alt-f12 SetOrbit command with LPE at 0, and opposing forces with LPE = 20 sets things a nice ~40 km apart from each other if you want missile/laser duels, or a tense charging in to slug it out with cannon. Of note, BDA weapon managers will happily fire on targets 30+ km away if guns/lasers have been configured to have that sort of max range (and the craft has means of seeing/detecting the target).

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Quick and dirty space battle with some stuff I threw together in an hour or so, mainly to test things and see if they work, so ships are not optimized and weapons haven't had any sort of damage or balance testing.

Stuff started out in high Gilly orbit. InfiniteFuel and Electricity were used, so dV wasn't an issue, custom weapons have Bulletdrop and recoil disabled; cannon muzzle velocity is 7.5km/s.


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Challenge part: STOCK Space Tanks :D

On 12/13/2017 at 1:23 PM, MiffedStarfish said:

The problem with that is that the slightest bump administered by kinetics would knock the ship out of orbit. This has happened to people ships in a battling thread I participate in.

what battle thread?

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9 hours ago, Sidestrafe2462 said:

where did you get those weapons??

They're custom weapons I hacked together via some .cfg edits and models cannibalized from an old project I never finished, which is why they were all untextured. If people are interested and/or have Space! weapon requests they'd like to see for this, I could get them fleshed out and assembled into a custom weapons pack.

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