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Stock Weather

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What my suggestion is, that there could be stock weather patterns. For example, Clear skies would mean a better launch. Fog in the Morning could mean that your visibility goes down, and if you want to go to the Mun because you have a good window, you could attempt to go. Rain would be really good for aesthetics. Thunderstorms could be something to add a little bit of something that is not good and could possibly damage launched craft. On other planets, weather patterns could be different. Duna could have dust devils and sandstorms. Laythe could have more Rain etc. Eeloo could have blizzards. However, this should be a feature to be optional because not all players would want this opposed to others who want the game as realistic and challenging as possible.

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1 minute ago, Earthlinger said:

Maybe in the future, when potato computers no longer exist


Never gonna happen. There's always gonna be computers that are relatively weak compared to dedicated gaming PCs, the latter of which seems to be what most new games are designed to run on.

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4 hours ago, NSEP said:

I think geysers are more realistic than blizzards on Eeloo because:


and a good thing challenge-wise coz of course u don't want them to pop up right under ur lander and destroy it / chuck it up into space with its crew still on the surface. There could be some kinda game mechanic that goes with it for career mode where u send a probe into orbit to have it monitor the surface for a while in order to find out how to predict them.

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