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Mayak team completes investigation, pins down hydrazine contamination from malfunctioning RCS as likely culprit


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As we know, Mayak wasn’t the only craft to siffer a goof-up. During the cubesat drop in 600 km orbit, a total of 10 payloads ended up suffering complete or gradual loss of power. None of the other oaylods were affected.

The Mayak team has upgraded its official mock-up with flight-grade electronics and ran it through a full set of vibration tests with no issues. They’ve slowly excluded all other internal issues - although they’re desperately trying to not claim that, since it implicates Roscosmos.

The observed electrical faults match the description of damage by a cloud of photodissociating hydrazine, which could be produced if there was a valve or catalyst bed problem - which would not have crippled the Fregat tug, since it performed several burns afterwards.

...which prompted Lenta.ru to accuse Roscosmos of launching Cubesats on an inherently unfit platform.

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On 12/21/2017 at 11:15 AM, _Augustus_ said:

I'm actually glad this one failed. Space advertising/useless sats really shouldn't be allowed.

I don't understand this statement at all. How was this "space advertising" and how were all those sats "useless"?


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