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On 9/4/2020 at 9:17 PM, DeadJohn said:

I think KS3P is abandoned. The mod owner hasn't logged in here for 10 months. Last Github change is 14 months old for KSP 1.7.

Consider TUFX as an alternative. That's not updated yet, either, but maybe the 1.9 version will work well enough for you in 1.10, or watch that thread for a 1.10 update

you can only run it on windows tho

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Guess who came rolling out of his cryo-pod? Hey again y'all, sorry for the long silence. I'm back and I'm getting ready to get back to KSP modding. I've made a structured planning to be able to manage both personal life and personal projects, which currently extends all the way to the end of October (since I don't know what the university will throw at me I can't plan beyond that) and wherein I've set aside a total of 14 hours currently for modding. KS3P is first on the planner, followed by Cerillion, Cyran and Arkas. I also have a new code-based project nicknamed 'KLEUR' in development which I hope to release in tandem with the updated Cerillion.

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@Not a Spy

I'd assume so. At the very least, he's going to be getting familiar with KSP 1.10 and modding in general, so I'd expect a larger delay than with his previous updates. He does say that it's first on his to-do list though, so an update won't be too far out!

And Guardian, good luck with the modding and university! We're glad to have you back!

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6 hours ago, frozenbinary said:

So I've recently started using KS3P and didn't mess with the config too much outside of motion blur.  Does anyone know how to disable this kind of shadowing when landed?

It's related to Ambient Occlusion.   Not sure what setting needs changing but if you mess around with those settings you should be able to figure it out.

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On 12/21/2017 at 2:24 PM, The White Guardian said:


POST               PROCESSING               MOD


Introducing KS3P (KSP Post Processing -> KSPPP -> KS3P), a mod that aims to bring post-processing effects to Kerbal Space Program.

Ever wondered 'how come Unreal Engine games always look so smooth compared to Unity Engine? Well, that's the result of post-processing. See an example below:



Here's another demonstration from my own computer.

Without post-processing:


With post-processing:




They say an image speaks a thousand words. Thanks to KS3P, they may even speak more than that. Here are a couple of side-by-side comparisons.


  Reveal hidden contents

Without KS3P:


With KS3P:




Without KS3P:


With KS3P:




Without KS3P:


With KS3P:



- Make KSP look better than ever, with post-processing effects!

- Low CPU and GPU cost!

- Works with and alongside all your favorite mods! (Including CameraTools!)


But it gets better...

- KS3P is fully configurable, meaning that every post-processing effect can be fine-tuned. Modders can even set up effect configurations to be scene-specific

- KS3P has several features to play with:

- Anti-Aliasing (FXAA or TAA)
- Ambient Occlusion (Note: does not work right in Unity 5.4.0, but should work like a charm with KSP 1.4)
- Screen Space Reflection
- Depth of field
- Motion blur
- Eye adaptation
- Bloom & lens dirt
- Color grading
- Tonemapping (Make the colors pop by harnessing the ACES Filmic and the Neutral tonemappers)
- User Lut
- Chromatic abberation
- Procedural grain
- Vignette
- Dithering




Mod:  SpaceDock [V6.1 for KSP 1.7.X]

Source code: GitHub



https://docs.unity3d.com/Packages/[email protected]/manual/index.html

In-Game editor:

Open-close with Left-Alt + 3. Documentation on the way.


Is this compatible with JNSQ.

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On 10/27/2020 at 4:02 AM, Not a Spy said:

YAY, so is a update for 1.10 currently in dev?

Yep! Slow progress, but progress is progress. :)

On 10/29/2020 at 12:53 PM, Minmus Taster said:

Is this compatible with JNSQ.

Completely. KS3P is not tied to planet mods. The update that I am working on will feature synergy with Kopernicus, but will not depend upon it, and will be pretty forgiving to installation errors.

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On 10/18/2019 at 10:21 PM, III-METHOD-III said:


Just so you know, i have my game looking pretty damn good now.

As with our chats, i removed ACES - too dark and over a number of nights tweaked the tonemapping sections and the bloom and DOF to a place where it looks lovely (to me)

Thanks so much

If anyone wants my configs I will happily share (though I dont actually know how lol). Most of the work went into 'flight' as thats my primary config which gets 95% of the use

I'd be interested in those configs of yours :) Can you PM me the content of your flight.cfg?

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On 12/7/2020 at 9:30 AM, GrimT said:

Is there a reason why the colors are so vivid?  Like... super blue water on Kerbin.


Is there a way to dial it back a bit...?  I love the mod, just not this particular change it makes...


You can do a lot of tuning if you wish to.

This is how my game looks, for example


37 minutes ago, theleg said:

Does this mod work with KSP 1.11?

Yes, it does

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18 minutes ago, Sovetskysoyuz said:

It's not working for me on 1.11 - could be incompatibility with other mods, but I'd be really surprised that a 1.7 graphics mod would work on later versions given the Unity upgrade that happened in 1.8.

Maybe it depend on config used? Some effects may cause incompatibility.

As for other visual mods - I use all of them (at least in my main 1.10.1 game). JNSQ, Scatterer (latest with ocean waves and godrays), Planetshine, Distant Object Enhancement, EVE Redux

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Hmm... I did read somewhere that TUFX only works with KSP in window mode, not full screen? Or is that old news?

10 minutes ago, VoidCosmos said:

The mod may be incompatible.

It actually works fine


but the settings are non-persistent.



Edited by VoidSquid
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32 minutes ago, VoidSquid said:

Hmm... I did read somewhere that TUFX only works with KSP in window mode, not full screen? Or is that old news?

Must be old news if you're talking about KSP versions where it actually works. I have it and have never run in windowed mode.

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