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47 minutes ago, VoidSquid said:

I did read somewhere that TUFX only works with KSP in window mode, not full screen?

Hmm... Old issue I guess. I had just used it in the full screen mode and it worked just fine. 

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On 11/24/2020 at 7:52 AM, Folkhoer said:

Any changes I make ingame don't seem to save. Can I fix this somehow?


On 1/4/2021 at 10:06 AM, VoidSquid said:

Same problem here, any help appreciated.


Sorry I'm a bit late to the party but when you run the game and let's say you want to edit a Flight profile, start with :

  1. selecting the profile you want with Select->Select profile for scene [xxx]
  2. Then in the profile editor, make sure the correct profile is selected
  3. EXPORT the profile (even you don't need to)
  4. Then only edit the profile

I have done that a couple of times and now in my KS3P installation, I have set my own profiles in the DefaultConfig.cfg file and I deleted all the other profiles made by clusta per scene, to be sure I cannot make any mistake. I have a specific profile for the MAP view and another profile for any other scene.

Once you are satisfied with your setting, export again and use this file to build your own profiles.

You can take a look of my KS3P rendering in the following video I've made.



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Sooo, is this still getting reworked for the current version of KSP or is it dead again?

Yeah, it's likely dead again. OP hasn't been on for half a year.

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On 4/27/2021 at 10:34 PM, OnlyLightMatters said:

The KS3P release made by c1usta works fine in KSP 1.11.2. https://github.com/c1usta/KS3P
Made another video with this mod which was publish yesterday : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtuyU8WbWTE


Thanks for the tip. I'm trying to get KS3P working in late versions too.
What were your steps @OnlyLightMatters in getting from the GIT repo files to it working?

I had a look at that GIT page but all the files and folders  different than what's in the older KS3P Game Folder directory (eg which ckan installed). Eg c1usta's files are all *.cs". Are there extra steps involved in compiling them or something?

- - - - - -

Ok, found it here in case anyone else needs it: https://github.com/c1usta/KS3P/releases
Sorry for the bother

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found answer myself
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Yup and the release made for 1.9.1 still works in 1.11.X :)
Don't think I've had to install any dependency.
I've taken a look at TUFX, I think you can do everything you can do with KS3P with TUFX and maybe more.

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On 5/5/2021 at 9:43 AM, OnlyLightMatters said:

Yup and the release made for 1.9.1 still works in 1.11.X :)
Don't think I've had to install any dependency.
I've taken a look at TUFX, I think you can do everything you can do with KS3P with TUFX and maybe more.

TUFX does nothing on it's own.  it's made like a dependancy. 

the release from c1usta works.  (or atleast it activates) but it's too dark.  and nothing seems to actually work. 

i had a problem that my ks3p didn't work.  it was too dark and none of the settings would change.  basicly locked to default.  when you press alt+3 it opens the menu.  and you can enable and disable the mod.  but any other setting makes no change.  the sliders don't work.  changing profile does nothing.  


turns out if you have TUFX installed.  you need to go into the textures unlimited folder.  into the dll folder.  and delete the second dll in there. (BlendshapeModelLoader.dll)  (just incase this has been bothering someone else for a few days aswel now like it did for me.. this should solve it)

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On 10/8/2019 at 2:44 AM, Problemless Mods Wanter said:


Thank you so much for your interest about my question.

I had the BlendshapeModelLoader.dll in the folder and removed it as you said, but unfortunately it didn't fix.

So I sent my logs via PM, I hope it helps.

Your help is greatly appreciated kind sir.

don't know if this has been resolved yet.      

i also deleted blendshape and it didn't fix things.  so i just started uninstalling and installing mods.  (trying out spectre for example).

and it turns out when i have Astronomer's Visual Pack installed it does this.     ofcourse my skybox doesn't look near as awesome as it does with it installed.  

but atleast without Astronomer's Visual Pack i can get ks3p to work.  and i also have tufx installed with turd.  


(as a side note.  with AVP installed,  ks3p has options to pick a profile from AVP.  so i might just need to look in the AVP folder and delete whatever it has that's related to ks3p)

edit:   yes i can confirm that if you go into the AVP folder.  into effects.  and delete the ks3p config files that are in there.  then it will work.

there is also a tufx config in there wich i also deleted

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