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Hey Guys/Gals/Kerbal-kind!  I was searching for a mod that would allow you to have technicans and scientists on
the ground for role playing purposes.  Lets face it, Astronauts don't drive the fuel trucks
and astronauts are not soldiers in the the war games.  So here is a mod that will allow you to
have those guys in the game.


Since I could not find something like this, I decided to try to make it on my own.  This is my first mod, so please be kind and I hop I do not disappoint.


This mod does require Texture Replacer Replaced to work!


Spacedock: KSC Support Staff on SPACEDOCK.info

Curse: Coming Soon! (approval process :/)



This mod will be updated as I get more free time, see the included readme for details.



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Any possibility of in-game screenshots?  Is this merely a cosmetic mod, or are you introducing new castes of kerbals the same way MKS does?  I can think of half a dozen other questions too.

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