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Screw it, I'm going to Duna


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I've been meaning to go to Duna for a while now. I made a custom flag and sent several probes, but never got around to sending any kerbals. But the other day I was watching some Statzenblitz videos and thought to myself, 'Screw it, I'm going to Duna." After about 5 minutes of work, I had a Duna ship.


There was some krakening with the launcher, but after a revision and turning on autostrut, everything was just fine.


I originally kept the booster leftovers on the ship for extra delta owV, but when I switched back to the ship, they krakened out, so I ejected them.


After waiting in orbit for a year and a half, the ship leaves for Duna.


The ship on the edge of Duna's SOI. After a braking burn and some circularization, the ship was left in a 160km orbit, and the lander was detached from the ship.



It was here that I realized the heat shield obstructed the lander's engine. It was promptly dumped.


I remembered the parachutes! They slowed the lander down to 20m/s. The landing went smoothly.


Success! Also, I forgot Jeb.


The kerbals ascend.


The lander returns to the transfer ship.


Here, leftover liquid fuel was transferred to the transfer ship. The lander was then abandoned.


The ship leaves Duna for Kerbin


Burning to slow down. The re-entry periapsis was 35 km.


Later, the Kerbal Space Program would face lawsuits for improper disposal of nuclear material.


I remembered the parachutes again!


Mandatory after-flight shot. Total mission time was about 3 years.


Destiny fulfilled.

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