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Air Superiority Fighter Competition Continued

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10 minutes ago, exbyde said:


@AlexClark are you sure on the guard mode settings on the X-24? you have like 12 missiles with one per target. Most people here have 2+.

A minor oversight by an engineer who is no longer employed by MAD Ltd. It should be set higher, I'll update it now.

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4 minutes ago, Plane Crazy said:


It's not every day that you get to see a flying robot fight a flying tank in a spaceflight simulator.

sounds good. I'm going to test out the x-24 first, then once that's done, i'll run it.

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1 minute ago, AlexClark said:

Er...it's gonna need more mods than that. Put it up against the Mini Val:

Few things i noticed:

1. Underpowered, could use a second engine

2. too heavy, most fighters are 4-6t/engine, yours is 10. Reduce fuel to 200u total

3. Thrust vectoring is very critical, very few aircraft make it on the board without a panther engine or the like.

4. Too many missiles, 25% of your parts are missiles or missile rails.


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3 minutes ago, AlexClark said:

And here I was thinking I had to water it down to make the cut! Block 2 design will be up shortly.

Oh, this is a continuation of a 40-page deep thread. Only the finest in arrowspace injunearin will get you on the leaderboard.

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7 hours ago, exbyde said:

Sweetness! and while i got you on the line, your TFD is now facing off against @drtricky's Dorito

The last battle wound up being a tie (both aircraft ran out of boolets), so we wound up having an 8v8 BATTLE ROYALE!

The dorito retains its 5th place spot. Afterburners anyone?

That was sooo close! I'll add afterburners. My plane still is not to be messed with.

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16 minutes ago, goduranus said:

I mean the maximum G setting of 99 and max AoA setting of 179, those are beyond what the game allows you to set in the space plane hanger, did you edit the text file to achieve those settings?

I actually have no idea how to edit that type of thing lol.

That being said, I'm not sure how the max G ended up at 99. I did merge the Pike with the Berzerker to compare the AI values and I noticed the AoA part, but the slider acted like normal. So I put it to max, which is supposedly better. @Eidahlil might have modified the file, but I don't know how the settings would have transferred over to the Berzerker when I merged the two planes :P

Lemme start up KSP and double check the settings...

EDIT: Just realized the slider resets the values when I scroll them down. I'll update the craft file on KerbalX so that it has only the default max

EDIT 2: @goduranus Fixed it. Check the kerbalx page again to see if the values are normal

Edited by Earthlinger
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44 minutes ago, goduranus said:

@Earthlinger did you text edit the craft? The AI Pilot's has values impossible to achieve with in game tweakables.

26 minutes ago, Earthlinger said:

I did merge the Pike with the Berzerker to compare the AI values

I may have modified the Pike file. :blush: The initial version of the Berzerker 2.0 may have the AI values exactly the same as the Pike. :sealed: So that one's probably on me. The wing clipping however, I took no part in.

Though in all honesty that's more because I hate fiddling with the sliders. In most cases there isn't any real advantage going outside the ranges for "typical" dogfighters. The Monstron, on the other hand, couldn't be what it is without text editing.

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I would like to share a secret to help newcomers with a quality of life thing,

In Action Groups, bind your engines, fuel cells, radar and ECM to activate with the SAS action group, that way they start automatically when BDArmory pilot AI activates the plane. This save you the press of the spacebar when you're testing. You can also carry smaller batteries and less fuel because less will be wasted on the ground.

Edited by goduranus
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1 minute ago, Plane Crazy said:

I kept screaming at the screen for it to fire, but it just kept flying straight into the opposition.  I'll make a few more tweaks and try again.

tank has a low radar signature, so AIM-120s won't fire, and your guys didn't make it inside of 4km for the vulcans. Tank cannon can also start firing at 8km, and the D.A.K.K.A is a massive target.

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13 minutes ago, Plane Crazy said:


Best thing you could do is add AIM-9s (there is little you can do about a heat signature), but be careful, as AIM-9s have a tendancy to lock onto anything hot, including friendly. check the dogfights, especially with the Novi, a lot of the times they could have advanced, they do not due to friendly fire issues.

Edited by exbyde
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14 minutes ago, goduranus said:

Can I enter an upgrade even though I have a plane on the leaderboard? After having a sneak peak at the competition, the Flying Squirrel received better AI and some significant performance upgrades:



i'd hate to have two of the same aircraft on the leaderboard, but i also like the idea of something that can compete with the pike. so sure

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