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Air Superiority Fighter Competition Continued

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1 hour ago, Abraxis said:

Dank internet culture is too lit for this thread 

i'm not saying its too lit, and a bit of off topic/friendly banter is fine, he just quoted himself and added nothing. Its like a bump (post that is just a . to get convo moving) except just pointing at his meme.

Also, HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL (except you filthy heathens west of the East Coast (jk)). I'm going to be getting to more dogfights tomorrow night, with a big day of dogfights tuesday, so stay tuned! I'll also have a new gaming rig around January 10th for better framerates and maybe a change in part limits?

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2 hours ago, exbyde said:

@dundun93 I'm curious, why are you quoting yourself saying 


but entered nothing after. Did you feel as though someone missed you saying something, or did you just need to point out that someone was using le may-may?

I thought someone missed what I was saying.

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17 minutes ago, dundun92 said:

I can enter 2, right?

 If so, here is another one: https://kerbalx.com/dundun92/IV-3


Absolutely! Sorry, just been a touch busy with holidays and sthuff

1 hour ago, Eidahlil said:

While investigating if craft without missiles are feasible, this flying brick came to be:


It's heavy, box-shaped, and uses guns for men, not those wimpy Vulcans. I'm sort of convinced that leaving missiles out is, indeed, feasible, though not necessarily optimal.


If i needed an excuse to come up with a "master of cheese" badge, this would be it.

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8 minutes ago, dundun93 said:

Mine beat yours too.

And? My drone entry sometimes beats the Pike, beats the DN-65C 75% of the time, and yours, the Novi, the Dorrito 100% of the time. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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It tied the novi.

On 12/29/2017 at 9:23 PM, SuicidalInsanity said:

I return, with an upgraded take on an old classic, the new and improved X-02 Taisch B.


Mine beat it and my new one beat my old f455.

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13 minutes ago, dundun93 said:

Any dogfights today?

Yes, two are uploading. @Abraxis for the love of jebus please stop using the stock medium gear. It makes life not fun. 

6 minutes ago, Plane Crazy said:

Sorry for wasting everyone's time with this flying brick, but here it is: the I Can't Name things.


i just got done updating the queue list...jesus that also has two tank cannons on it...ok then.

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