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Introducing the Lancelot Mk-XI multipurpose rocket!

Dr Wily

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Lancelot Mk-IX

I just wanted to share a rocket I made. It is designed to launch an orbital space ship that can mine on 11 different planets and moons. In fact, it's possible (through mining) to visit and plant flags on all 11 worlds before returning back to Kerbin. It has an extremely capable lander that utilizes the largest wheels and mining equipment. The normal crew is 2 pilots, 11 engineers, and 1 science officer (because it would be unlucky to have a crew of 13).  Mineable planets and moons include: Mun, Minmus, Gilly, Moho, Ike, Duna, Dres, Vall, Bop, Pol, and Eeloo.  

Here is the CRAFT FILE
Here is a IMAGE SLIDE SHOW - to show how it works.


Ship: controls for the combined ship and lander.
1. Primary Solar (6 panels |ship)
2. Secondary Solar (2 panels |lander)
3. Primary Thermal Control (2 medium |ship)
4. Secondary Thermal Control (2 small |lander)
5. Docking Lights (Red = Bottom 7, Green = Top |ship)
6. Night Driving Lights (1 spot light, 1 soft light |lander)
7. Primary Engines (toggle to decrease/increase power by 66.6% |ship)
8. Secondary Engines (toggle to decrease/increase power by 33.3% |lander)

Lander: controls for the separated lander only.
9. Toggle Ladder (Extends ladder down from the driving platform)
0. Lander Solar (Activates all 4 panels)

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