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Ditch The Royalty Free Music

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3 hours ago, theonegalen said:

The written score is therefore likely in the public domain, but the recordings themselves are also copyrighted by whichever music company paid the musicians.

@SQUAD can make their own recording: they don't need a band or anything, they could do an electronic version to give it a ksp twist.     

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9 hours ago, DAL59 said:

@SQUAD can make their own recording: they don't need a band or anything, they could do an electronic version to give it a ksp twist.     

It would actually be pretty amazing would be to take the original score and do improvisational or compositional variations on it. That's a time-honored classical composition trick, but I certainly don't have any time to do that sort of thing, and most people who are good at it will want to be paid for it.

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Eve Online's music,  listen to this while playing KSP, it's perfect.  75 tracks here.  https://soundcloud.com/ccpgames/sets/eve-online-in-game-tracks.

I have loved this music since i first found EVE 10+ years ago.   Bellow the Asteroids  and Close to a Holy Place, are a few of my favorites.   All of this music has a space feel to it too due to being made for a space game.


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On 1/1/2018 at 3:13 PM, MiffedStarfish said:

I’d definitely support adding more music to the base game (individual “themes” for each planet/body?) as long as the base music is left alone, it’s become somewhat iconic for me. Chiming in to the conversation above, I don’t listen to playlists while playing, I usually have YouTube running in the background.

Or you could binge-watch Phineas and Ferb while playing KSP....

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On 01/01/2018 at 3:03 PM, ZooNamedGames said:

 I don't want to remove the existing royalty free tracks, just add more so that additional audio tracks can be heard as the game is played.

But yet you specifically titled it "Ditch the Royalty Free Music". Kind of a mixed message.

Personally I love Kevin Macleod's music, I've got over 2,000 hours in game and I still like it. I even went to the Incompetech site and downloaded all the tracks and many more for my own listening pleasure and for use in my own RPG.

I would not say no to themed music for each planet, but then I am a big fan of Holst :D. More is always good, having alternate tracks would be good, although I'd like to be able to switch out anything I don't like. Or flip back to classic KSP music at times. Hmmm, there was a mod that did this, and now I want to go find it. But having it in stock would be good.

The "Hold a song contest" idea is great. They should put that up in the Daily Kerbal as something different than the usual challenges. I can't compose, but I will listen and vote if it becomes a thing.

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On 24.3.2018 at 2:23 AM, DAL59 said:

Can we have music like this :)

Where exactly do you expect this to fit? This music's great, don't get me wrong, but there's not a single situation in the game that would "call" for this kind of music.

As for the game's soundtrack: My biggest complaint is that Squad still hasn't fixed this pesky bug that starts the music at a random place instead of playing it from start to finish.

I want to listen to the complete VAB/SPH soundtrack, not just the last 50 seconds of each piece!

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Maybe something like Gustav Holst's "The Planets," with a theme for each planet? Could have cool fade ins/outs based on distance. I'm thinking something inspired by "Jupiter" for Jool, fading in when you enter Jool's SOI, and fading out when you're close to leaving it, maybe even having small variants for the moons, like changing different aspects to invoke different feelings for the different moons. Like Bop could be slightly eerie (there is a dead Kraken on it, after all), Laythe can be serene, and so on. 

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I think unique KSP music would be cool, but the music was added in update.....hmm....

*KSP wiki to the rescue!*

Update 0.18. That’s six years ago. It’s been in the game for so long that everyone’s used to it now and it’d be a bit weird to change music that’s been in the game for 6 years so late in development. If they were going to change it, the best time would have probably been 1.0, the full release of the game.

Besides, the Kevin MacLeod music isn’t that bad, is it?

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I agree, sound design is one of the weakest parts of KSP. Free music is great for a placeholder in an early access game, but KSP supposedly left early access years ago.

At this point the free music is pretty much an established part of the game now, but I don't see why they couldn't commission the artist to create some new music to complement the tracks that are already in the game. I would especially like to see transition tracks in place of the abrupt and jarring audio transitions we have now.

As has already been mentioned, I would love to see the devs officially implement something like what the Soundtrack Editor mod implements, complete with unique theme music for each orbital situation around each planet. Instead of those random bird sounds, have a KSP theme that plays while looking at the KSC. Have a variation on that which plays while driving/flying a vehicle around the KSC. Outside of the KSC, have a main Kerbin theme, with different variations depending on the situation (landed, splashed down, flying, upper atmosphere, low and high space). Then do the same thing for all of the planets. Also have some situational tracks that play in other situations, like immediately after lifting off or when docking, or when reentering an atmosphere.

It's no small task, but good sound design is a big part of crafting an awesome gaming experience.

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I personally have no problem with (the current) royalty free music at all. Apart from the fact that I turn off the music in most games (which is not the point anyway), I think that the current music in-game is kind of a staple of KSP. So removing or replacing it is IMHO not a good idea. There are three things IMHO that could/should be done:

  • Should be done: Adding more variety of music in the same theme to have less repetition. Maybe even also add event/location-controlled music, as has been discussed above. Events could be reentry, docking, landing, launching, ... Locations could be per planet for instance with a distinction between landed, flying in atmo, flying in space above...
  • Should also be done: The possibility of adding your own music into the "sound track" (disclaimer wrt streaming or uploading to YouTube necessary!)
  • Could be done (optionally): Remaster / redo the existing soundtrack to better fidelity.

Re the third point and all others asking for new, not royalty-free music: I do think that the expense necessary for recording better music, non-royalty free music, should better be invested into the games development. There are so many great artists out there (Kevin McLeod, Testshot Starfish, ...) that would probably be more than willing to contribute to KSP's soundtrack that I do not see the need for spending 1000s on a new OST.

Having said that: This would indeed be an opportunity for a DLC, however much I dislike the idea. But this would be a way to recuperate costs of an OST, those who want the additional music can buy it optionally, as long as the option to add custom music into the game yourself remains a core game functionality...

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