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Share your vehicles of destruction!

Dr Wily

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Ever wanted to take out all the buildings at KSC? I have. But I find it hard to destroy them all (including runway) with a single stock vehicle. Here is a vehicle that can take out pretty much everything but the runway and survive if you are careful. It acts as a giant double sided battering ram and can withstand building impacts at full speed. The bumper is effective at protecting it, but pieces can sometimes be knocked off in explosions. It's best to hit things directly with the ram if possible. Share your vehicles too!



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So this is what happens when you play too much BomberCrew: The 100% stock heavy bomber "IronPhoenix"


As you can see it has cockpits galore! For that true "sky fortress" feeling. (It's also a pusher/puller design...because reasons.)


You'll notice, I'm sure; it's unique wing bomb bays.


It carries...a few stock bombs. (387 parts total!)


Despite all this, it can't destroy the KSC even with a direct hit. xD Lol! (Although it looks pretty cool!)


An interesting design feature: This "Guard" is in place over the rear lander can, as lot's of random debris and even a few bombs tend to come flying out the back end. How Kerbal right?! ...and completely intentional, I assure you. :blush:


Range is...not great, it's pretty much designed to take off and turn right back around and bomb the KSC. Possibly the Island Airfield...if I felt they deserved it for some reason.


Anyways, it's back to the drawing board as far as blowing up the VAB; I'm thinking fewer larger bombs will be more damaging than a ton of small ones.

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That... Is awesome! The ore containers create enough kinetic energy to take out anything? I found some things are harder to take out than others. I just did a run with my battering ram the other day and was able to destroy every single building except the runway. I might be able to solve that by adding a rear shovel and backing up into the runway at high speed. XD The trick is being able to hit directly and "bounce off" before the resulting explosion can do serious harm to your vehicle. Even with the long battering ram and armored bumper you occasionally get stuck or blown to bits. I originally tried to make a missile launcher to take out all the buildings from the launchpad itself,  then drop a bomb on the launchpad... But the 350m physics limitation was disabling my ability to blow them up.

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