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[1.6.1] Kerbal Field Weapon Pack V2.2 [KBF] [2019.3.22]

Kernowden Kerbin

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Seems like KFWP needs an update to the current BDA+ - versions. See this warning in the log:



also some of the Localizations are broken. see here:

(Game is set to german, but in case of no german-localization files, usually the english version kicks in. But obviously not for all parts, as you see for this tank body)



Some parts are in wrong categories. See this example of an AAM in the bomb category. same goes for the tanks: in fact even both tank bodys aren't in the same category



#No Offence: I think this weapon pack could use a general clean-up and complete and intensive check-up on all parts to make them fit to the newest BDA+ iterations. I like the parts and the love, that was put into them. But I think a general check of the mod and the part configs by the modmakers would be good at this point of the mod lifecycle and the development of newer versions of BDA, namely BDA+. At first glance many things in the package could get some modding specialist's love and care to repair broken parts or dismiss parts that can't be repaired. 

Some parts could also need tweaking (e.g. the CN DF-15 hypersonic cruise missile is very nice, but does not hit the target, neither the gps coordinates nor according to radar tracking in terminal phase - i guess BDA+'s guiding algorithms evolved since when the mod was made. Also on this part: the plume of the boosterstage is broken and generates yellow squares. Here simple mapping of the BDA+ mediumExhaust-effects (instead of the ones, that come with this mod) did the trick in my testing)

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Recommendation: Set glide bombs to gps guidance mode, and set it to Cruise guidance.

The reasoning behind this is so it achieves a much more comparable range to glide bombs in real life. In AGMBallistic mode, the bomb stalls out after a little bit, while cruise mode delays this for much longer by having an actual glide path.

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