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This is a challenge where you build a plane with lots of wings, the more wings the better. What's a wing? a set is 2 wings usually parallel to each other.I count the number of wings as a whole, for example, my plane has 12 sets of wings, NOT 800.

1: It has to be able to be stable in flight.

2: The kraken can't attack the final version (other than crashes and such).

3: NO cheats

4: good luck

how the winner is decided:

You make rule abiding plane. You post a video of it or a couple pictures, it's name and number of wings. Voting is just *liking* the post you want to vote for (please don't vote more than once). Vote for the one that you *like* the best. For whatever reason that may be. Winner is the one with the most likes.

Mine doesn't count: 


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On 1/12/2018 at 6:30 AM, ShadowGoat said:

Ummm? Do you mean the most physical wings or just the most wing parts?

for example, my plane would have 12 sets of wings, not 800.


Edit: Just changed the rules slightly to solve that.

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I was looking around the forum at old challenges for my own "Ressurect a Challenge Challenge" and this looked like a lot of fun. I happen to already have the perfect plane. I present: Phileas!  8 or 9 pairs of wings, depending on whether you count the rearmost as a tail.



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