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Orbital landing strip MOD

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I'm interested in creating a mod for Kerbal but I don't have a good idea where to start.

I want it to look like the following: a massive structure in orbit (50km) that you can land on and in the process be accelerated to orbital speed. The structure is supported by xenon engines that compensate for the acceleration of the ship that lands on it and you need to refuel it. I assume this would be beyond the capability of the physics engine because of the size of the structure so I need to work around it/trick it somehow. The relative speed between the objects at encounter may also be a problem, though I've seen demos of land speed in excess of 2000m/s.

It would be nice to also be able to incrementally build this structure (transport the materials and they get automatically added - increase the length). I'm not sure whether that would be too tedious though, it may need quite a few launches.

Any suggestions/help would be appreciated.

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