Blender to Unity to KSP Orientation

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Just made this picture so I could see the orientation I should model in using Blender to make sure it will come out right in KSP, I tried with and without the 90' rotation, it made no difference to the end result. I used .blend files because .fbx files give very strange results.


Here is the cube .blend file if you want to try it yourself

Part Making WorkFlow -> from this thread 


- Make a high poly model/mesh

- Make a low poly mesh

- Make collider mesh

- UV unwrap

- Bake ambient occlusion

Graphics editor:

- Import ambient occlusion

- Texture model

- Export combined

Bump/normal map application:

- Bake bump/normal map

Modelling program (again):

- Apply textures

- Check and save


- Set-up project file

- Set-up KSP PartTools

- Create scene with part

- Apply bump/normal map

- Apply specular

- Write part

DDS Loader:

- Convert textures to fast loading DDS files

Kerbal Space Program:

- Edit appropriate configuration file

- Load up and check

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Good initiative! :)

here is what has saved me hours of headache at the beginning:


from the internet, tuned by myself.

note: Blender and Unity don't use the same coordinate system, and there is no way to match every axis when importing,
when importing a .blend model into unity by default the bottom is still the bottom (relative to the floor), but the Z in blender(up) is now Y in unity, X becomes -X and  Z becomes -Y in Unity. there is also a -90°/X notified in the the rotation field in Unity (i let this rotation and rotate the model in blender until it match what i want in Unity and so KSP).
when importing a part with a big hierarchy, it can by tricky if you want some child axis to be well oriented at the end (example: FXModuleLookAtConstraint pointing its Z axis to the target, control surface rotate around a transform X axis, etc...), so i found useful to include thoose tricky transform in an other child to rotate everything as needed (in blender you can rotate an object but you can also rotate the mesh inside this object in edit mode and don't change the object orientation).

I also tried this when desperate:
i don't understand what it did but it worked for some projects. :P


by the famous @RoverDude


part orientation in the SPH, VAB and Unity by someone else, probably on this forum, i don't remember (thank's).



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That's really good info, and much better than mine, the only advantage mine has is if you are starting with a cube primitive.

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