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@SamBelanger has decided to move on in his life and is not working on the mod anymore.  @Mrcarrot, @Grand Ship Builder, and I are working together to continue this mod.

Pls don't turn this forum into the Mongolian Conquests, we aren't bashing Sam or anything. This is fine print.

Some Pics for Clicks:

None ATM

Kottabos' Video on the old version of DD:




Dependencies :

Recommended Mods :


Kudos to:

No one ATM.


@NickRoss120: Co-Owner of the mod

@Mrcarrot: Co-Owner of the Mod

@Grand Ship Builder: Co-Owner of the Mod




@SamBelanger: The original mod-maker

Chats :




  1. Download the latest version of Kopernicus which can be found here.
  2. Put the mods files in the GameData folder.
  3. Start the game (KSP).
  4. Have fun.

Please note: We've been very busy the past month and haven't got much done, so don't expect an official release to be up for a bit. For now, you can download the current version at the original forum, thanks! -NickRoss120  

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