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The Mun SCANSat Mission


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GArPFFB.png?1 4oY1TLbU-85l7Oj0Kena2Jp0zUWjs16stj-j4J4B
The Mun SCANsat Mission
SCANsat: SCANsat Post
Live: https://www.twitch.tv/kerbalnetwork
This mission is to send three or more Mun SCANsat satellites into The Mun's orbit,  bringing back maps of Mun and data. The craft that will be used to launch is the Arrowel 2 and Arrowel 3, previously used in other missions. The orbit of the satellite will be different from each other, to generate the map in a short amount of time.

Expected end of the mission is in August 2018.

The Arrowel 2 craft is available for download: https://kerbalx.com/KerbalNetwork/Arrowel-2

MUN SCANsat codenamed Arrowel SCANsat satellite:


The first launch will be done on the 14th of January, GMT+8:00. The second and other launches will be announced soon.

Staff members:

Staff members in-charge of launching and managing the mission are




Mission Reports

Announcement of Mun SCANsat-1 status


Announcement of Mun SCANsat-1 status

Mun SCANsat-1 successfully was deployed by Arrowel 2 into Mun Orbit on 14th January 2018. Below is the launch timeline.





3- Kerbin orbit


4- Recorrecting orbit at Kerbin


5- Corrected orbit


6- Escaping and manoeuvring out of Kerbin


7- Mun Encounter


8- Manoeuvring for correcting the orbit


9- Payload released


10- SCANsat arrays deploy




11. Generated map



Mun SCANsat-1 Overview:

Launch status: Successful

Payload: Successfully deployed approximately 270 km on perigee and 340 km on apogee

Amount of fuel left: Estimated 3 second of full burn





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- Mun SCANsat-2 will be launched soon

Else, we are happy to announce that other Mun SCANsats will be, hopefully, launched using the  Arrowel III, the latest of the Arrowel series. The Arrowel III, however, is not a stock rocket and the SRBs are provided by SpaceY Heavy Lifters pack.



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