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Hi everyone,

I try to understand the Camera System in KSP and hope I can get help here.

Is it possible to correctly Render everything (all the Layers with Objects that are Visible on screen except the UI) with a single Camera? And If not, how would I do it with multiple Cameras.

Currently when I create a Camera and set the render Layers like this:

camera.cullingMask = (1 << 0) | (1 << 4) | (1 << 9) | (1 << 10) | (1 << 15) | (1 << 16) | (1 << 18) | (1 << 20) | (1 << 23);

Then the Cockpit Interior is not correctly rotated and the sky is just a blue Square over the ship.

also, I have the problem that if I copy a camera other than the main Camera the game crashes after a view seconds.

Would be nice If someone could point me in the Right direction. 



With two Cameras I can Render the sky correctly, but I can't rotate the sky camera without the sky turning into a small blue square.

I can rotate the sky itself by setting ScaledSpace.transform but it behaves really odd (the rotation speeds are faster than I would expect them to be and I don't know how to scale them correctly)

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