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How to Save a corrupted Save game


Hi everybody =)

I recently got a saved game corrupted when my PC crashed. When I got back to running KSP, my saved game was unload-able. 

I created a new game and copied over the persistent file and latest saves to it. But =P every now and then, when I exit the VAB or SPH, KSP crashes =D I didn't mind this for awhile since I had a fare amount of active ships and space stations until I managed to unlock another column from CTT. Testing new designs became a chore =P ="> edit, test, launch, revert, edit some more, launch, *crash* =D

I read somewhere that deleting ships may help since one of them "might" be corrupted, but this was for an older version of KSP. =) But I still did it anyways and managed to return all of my active Kerbals back to KSC... except for one =(

Going back to my question =D (hehehehe) is there a safe way to save a corrupted save game? =)


Regards and thanks in advance =)

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