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Are the bugged tutorial missions ever going to get fixed?


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There's over a dozen threads in the technical support section reporting that several tutorials are bugged, the most prominent being the getting to orbit tutorial. Most of them have 0 replies and range from 2014 to 2017, a span of 3 years. This is not even counting the numerous threads on Steam and Reddit.

I just tried the suborbital and orbital tutorial today after the latest update and it is still BUGGED. Even if you activate SAS targeting mode and manage throttle as per the instruction, you run out of fuel every single time. I don't think that the space craft is even capable of getting to orbit. Are the tutorials going to get fixed or what? It's not that hard to build a space craft capable of orbit. For a beginner it is the most frustrating thing ever. I remember trying it for a whole day in 2015 and eventually not touching the game for half a year.

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So I tried the orbital tutorial in a completely vanilla 1.3.1 install, followed the instructions and reached orbit with 58 oxidiser and 48 liquid fuel left.  (I did have Val follow the target marker, rather than fly the turn myself, but the instructions suggested that, so I consider that to be following the instructions).  So it's possible to get that rocket to orbit in the tutorial, and I'm not sure what is the cause of the problem you are having?


Edit: I also flew a manual turn, and reached orbit with 48 oxidiser left.  (I did need to enable fine controls.  With those steerable fins, that rocket has way too much low altitude control authority for my tastes). 

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i felt the same way, i wanted to smash my keyboard. how could a game be so hard? this crap dont work.

unfortunately its one of those games where you have to learn space nerd stuff to git gud.

hang tight and ill give you a pretty easy to understand picture tutorial........ 


okay so we want to head east thats towards the ocean next to us


we start turning about 5 sec after left off towards the 45 degree marker on the navball and we pretty much hold it there for most of the flight


we decouple the boosters


it asks us to press M for the map, bring up your navball if it isnt. we can still control the rocket from this screen. at 900 ms bring the rocket to 35 degrees on the nav ball. 



when the AP on our orbit line reaches 60k bring rocket to 90. we will be completely sideways now burning for horizontal speed. we are going so fast now our height will increase on its own. hold this until it reaches 75k and stop.



okay hard part done, now we time warp to 73k and we put thrust on low and try to time as we pass over 75k our orbit burn is done.




and thats how to get into orbit \o/


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OMG, it is possible then. Here's what I do: I would turn on SAS, switch to target mode. Then launch as usual. However, the moment right after I separate the boosters, the tutorial would tell me that I cannot make it. There's nothing really that I could do differently as there's hardly anything I have to do between launch and booster separation.

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But it seemed fine for me, so I'm not sure what the issue is that you think should be fixed.  The only thing I can think of is people either trying to fly the turn themselves, and not doing a good job of it, or throttling down at the wrong time, when the tutorial explicitly says that that rocket doesn't need to throttle down.  Given how much control authority that rocket has in the lower atmosphere it is very easy to overshoot when trying to steer.  Hence my comment about needing to use fine controls, and why I'd suggest letting Val just follow the provided target marker.  (Something the tutorial also suggests).   

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