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[WIP] Omega482's Dev thread - Omega's Stockalike Structures: No Textures Required >> ALPHA NOW AVAILABLE <<

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[WIP] Omega482's Dev thread - Omega's Stockalike Structures: No Textures Required

Welcome, In this thread, you'll find the stuff I'm currently working on. I usually make stock-a-like buildings for KerbalKonstructs. I want to bring you a selection of buildings so that YOU can build your own stock-a-like KSC wherever you like.

All textures are built into the game, that's right. This mod uses the internal textures. That means much lower RAM usage!

I am not associated with KK and do no work on maintaining KK, I simply make statics that can be used with KK. So I can't really help with KK bugs.






Features currently being work on.

  • No Textures Required
    • To ensure a real stock experience this mod uses the Internal squad textures. No textures are distributed with this mod. That means that it should have a very low ram usage compared to part mods. This works by KK re-allocating the stock textures to my models post loading.
  • 60 or so buildings for placement with Kerbal Konstructs
    • Landing pads, Small and large research buildings, Antenna masts, Roads, crawlerways, Launch pads, Vehicle assembly buildings, Hangars and airfield buildings and Animated tracking dishes. With much more to come!
  • Tileable base system
    • All the buildings have a hexagonal base, this allows you to mix and match each building to create customizable bases seamlessly. This is how the stock KSC is built.
  • Can be placed on any planet or moon. Can match any terrain type.
    • The statics use an auto-matching grass color module so that you can place them anywhere, if you don't like the color, you can tweak the color variables.
  • Animated Night lights
    • Buildings will automatically turn on and off spotlights and windows just like the real KSC buildings.
  • Tracking Dishes
    • Animated dishes will track objects in the sky just like the KSC dishes!
  • Tier 4 Buildings
    • Buildings that are bigger and better than the standard tier 3 buildings.




This is all that is available for public release right now. The other things you see in this thread may be added later.




Yes, You heard right. I think I'm happy to finally let you play around with the buildings. You've been asking for it! Now you can have it! I'm inviting you guys to test it out for me.

Please Keep in mind that this is an ALPHA release, This isn't going to be bug-free or feature complete at all! This is an invitation to test the statics and help me build a better mod. If you come across any problems, let me know on here and I'll try and fix them.



If you want a pre-built space centre with these buildings. You might want to check out KSC Extended by @damonvv




I can't stress this enough. You require KERBAL KONSTRUCTS and MODULE MANAGER for this to work.

  • I don't like the hex base/ will you make a variant without the grass/asphalt/Base/mound thing under the buildings?

No and Yes... I think the hex base system is very important in making clean, well laid out space centres. It's how the stock KSC works and it prevents bumpy terrain clipping into the buildings. So I'm not going to make any baseless versions. BUT, if you really want to get rid of them you can edit the cfg yourself to create a variant that disables the grass/asphalt/roads in the model. You'll have to add this bit of code to every static cfg that you want to use. I don't support this. I will not help you fix it if you break anything, good luck. code below.

	//Static with base Enabled, all meshes active
	name = Default 

	//Static with no base, Standard hex meshes disabled
	name = NoHexBase
	deactivateTransforms = model_asphalt, model_asphalt_line01, model_asphalt_line02, model_grass, model_pavement
  • Will you be adding attachment nodes?

Kerbal Konstructs does not currently support a system like attachment nodes. I do not develop KK and so I have no abaility to add them.

  • Why are my buildings all grey?

You MUST have module manager installed. Make sure you have "OSS_MM_patch.cfg" in your install folder.

  • Can we get more ground colors? I cannot get the grass color to match the ground!

All the statics in this pack are set up to have dynamic grass/ground textures. This means that you should be able to match the static to any planetary body! (yes even custom ones!)
There are a couple of ways to do this:
Presets: KerbalKonstructs comes with a bunch of preset grass colors, This is a simple and quick way to terrain match. (You can even define your own presets by creating a new preset cfg, see the KK "ColorPresets" folder)
AutoGrassColor: There is a function to dynamically match the grass with the terrain underneath automatically. Simply enable the auto grass color function and move the static around a bit to update it. This copies the color directly below the static. Its not the most accurate color match and it can be differrent depending on the time of day.
Manual: You can manually define the color of the grass you want with RGBA values. This is quite tricky but should get you the best results. It will require a lot of trial and error.

I usually match the grass with auto grass color and then tweak it manually to get a better match. I'll then take this value and create a preset with it, then apply it to all my statics.

Here's some more images and a gif of how the terrain color matching works.






  • How do you make the buildings?

The buildings are in the style of or are replicas of the ones seen in KSP, modelled in sketchup and wings3d by me from scratch. I extensively study the KSC buildings to produce near exact replicas. The buildings are mostly built on a 1x1m grid and help me get the proportions right. You can see some footage of the process Here and Here. I have KSP open during my modelling to get an accurate idea of what I'm building.

  • When will this be released?
    Alpha is out right now. More releases to come.




Here are some things I've been working on:






It seems there's been some interest in a static I shared with @damonvv for beta testing. You can get your very own updated copy right here! Requires Kerbal Konstructs.

-- -- > DOWNLOAD LINK < -- --
 While you're at it, might as well download a beautiful Stockalike Falcon 9 from Tundra Exploration by Damonvv to land on this thing.

This is the first mod I've worked on. I had never 3D modeledbefore 6 months ago. I learned all I know from @Beale's modding tutorial.

Since I'm such a noob i'll probably need help with some stuff at some point.

Oh, look more pretties.









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@Omega482, I presume that because you are aiming for the flexibility and modularity of being able to place a pre-fabbbed Space Center anywhere on a body that you are setting up the KK configs on a PQS flattened area much like the vanilla KSC uses a MapDecalTangent or the Pyramids use a FlattenArea module? If so, it'll make it much easier for other developers/users to place down the asset group without it clipping the ground plane.

It could also be an idea to use a PQSMod such as:

    flattenTo = 0
    innerRadius = 2500
    outerRadius = 2501
    position = 0,0,0
    smoothEnd = 0
    smoothStart = 0
    order = 99999
    enabled = True
    name = FlattenCenter
    index = 0

... to flatten the area at the 0,0 Long/Lat coordinates and build out the complex there as it then may be easier to write the KK patches or SDtoKK patches as a result as it would give a very easily identifiable Static Group position. Just some idle thoughts. :D 

The assets look amazing by the way. I particularly love the Shuttle Hanger.

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54 minutes ago, Beale said:

Did you just...

I accidentally the whole mission control. sorry.


43 minutes ago, Poodmund said:

PQS flattened area

That is an excellent idea. I hadn't considered the logistics of placing and moving static groups. I may need help with this though.

I'm not too worried about much terrain clipping. Each static has a 30m deep "base" on it to allow easier ground interaction and no ugly gaps underneath.

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WOW!.... Honestly I am SO excited for this! I've always wanted a stock-alike Space Centre, as the statics that come with KK are well, simplistic, and don't really fit the surroundings. So THIS will be super good to use!! :D

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This is insane, I absolutely love this! I can't wait for a release.

Those vehicle statics might turn out as great parts, like the crane or the forklift. And you can place some of these statics around Kerbin to make a few more space centres.

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8 hours ago, Z3R0_0NL1N3 said:

This is insane, I absolutely love this! I can't wait for a release.

Those vehicle statics might turn out as great parts, like the crane or the forklift. And you can place some of these statics around Kerbin to make a few more space centres.

I believe that was the idea, he is mostly just making the high quality statics and allowing others to build custom space centers with them. Though I believe there will be a 'demo' version that has them all added to the KSC..? (Sorry @Omega482 if I am putting words in your mouth)

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32 minutes ago, CobaltWolf said:

(Sorry @Omega482 if I am putting words in your mouth)

You better be. You'll be hearing from my lawyer. : P

Yes, as Cobalt said. Ultimately this will be a KK statics pack so that players can build custom space centers wherever. I will recommend to players that they build their own. However, I will probably release a configuration file which adds a few upgrades to the KSC.

As for the vehicle props, I'm afraid I won't be making them into parts. That would require a complete rebuild and a lot of complicated things like getting wheels to work.

11 hours ago, Drew Kerman said:

including ongoing

Oh Hi Drew, I've made some progress with that. Will give you an update on that soon.

In other news.

Here are some more pics, cause i'm such a tease :wink:

Ever wondered where all the rocket parts are stored?


Re-model of the antenna ground buildings.



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31 minutes ago, Daniel Prates said:

What a great way to improve ground facilities without appealing to kerbal konstructs!

May I suggest another building?  Hoe about a training grounds or race track for wheeled or tracked vehicles?

I have had thoughts about making a rover testing Duna Yard but it isn't a high priority. I don't think a space center needs a race track though.

28 minutes ago, Sebastiaz said:

What would be cool too is a stock-a-like open aircraft hangar too! Like what you find at airbases and military bases, etc. ^^

Open hangers are on the list. Probably inspired by the stock Old airfield hangers but in the KSC level 3 colors rather than in red.

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18 minutes ago, CobaltWolf said:

Erm, this *is* for Kerbal Konstructs.

True?  Hehehe i didn't notice. Guess I read the OP too fast. Just as well: I use - and like - KK. Its just that the content for KK is (or was) kinda limited. It is good to know new content is being tailored for it!

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47 minutes ago, Daniel Prates said:

What a great way to improve ground facilities without appealing to kerbal konstructs!

May I suggest another building?  Hoe about a training grounds or race track for wheeled or tracked vehicles?

If you want roads to race on, here you go. It's old and it might just work with the recent KK but there might be a patch for 1.3 out, you might have to look around.



Can these buildings be destroyed like the standard KSC ones, or is that not a possibility with KK?

Otherwise, are you going to try to position these buildings in a way that fits with Lack's KSC+? It seems tough but if you can move some of his parts then it's doable perhaps

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