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KSP Enhanced Edition Feedback

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Not gonna cover bugs here, just some feedback from someone who plays both the PC version and Enhanced version on console. I suppose some/all of these issues are present in vanilla KSP on the PC, but it's not much of a problem due to mods.

  • Playing without Kerbal Engineer is hard. Not knowing the Delta V or TWR makes rocket design very hit and miss. 
  • Having to jump into the map to see the Ap and Pe is frustrating as you have to then toggle cursor mode and go select the node. Why can't this be displayed near the navball??
  • Collecting science is confusing and tedious. Trying to click on a thermometer using the cursor whilst there's a slight roll is a challenge. Also, knowing when science is available is obscure; I end up clicking through each experiment in turn each time I believe I could be in a new biome; not a lot of fun with a joystick controlled cursor.
  • Can we have an option to hibernate (if available) during timewarp? Running out of juice while doing a Hohmann transfer makes me sad.
  • In the quicksave screen, it always defaults "quicksave" and you can edit the name. Would be great if I could press up/down to cycle through previous quicksave names rather than having to retype it.
  • There doesn't seem to be any buttons to delete a part or snap to center in the VAB. To delete, you have to drag back to the part list. Also, the navigation of the parts only works with the joystick; this needs to also work with the control pad.
  • Zoom controller binding changes in map mode. Normally it's LB + Right JS, it changes to LT/RT. Why??


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