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Sci-Fi Inspired Ships [Spirit of Kerbin class Alpha released]

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I'll make this my first formal post on the KSP forums.

In an alien planet system, AI's have mastered the art of both interstellar travel and aesthetics. Today, us Kerbal have captured two of these ships. The Ghibalb Class Cruiser, and the Requiem Class Carrier!

These ships were designed for pure aesthetics as fillers in future planned videos of mine. I took heavy inspiration for both of the ships from the Covenant vessels of the Halo series. Expect more work from me in the future and keep up to date. I'm not just here for aesthetics, I plan on having functional ships as well. Did I mention as well that they're stock?!

Spirit of Kerbin Class:

Finally, after two sleepless nights the SoK Class carrier is ready for an alpha release. As my tribute to the original KSP military player she is a fearsome upgrade from the original Harbinger class. Featuring a Double Skinned fighter bay, capacity for up to 16 fighters, external docking ports for drop tanks or heavy fighters,  and roughly 2900m/s of D/V. I would like to attribute Macey Dean for the inspiration of the design as well as spurring the KSP military game as we know it today.




https://www.dropbox.com/s/og9gu51jbuspwi2/Spirit of Kerbin Class Carrier.craft?dl=0

Ghibalb Class:


Requiem Class Carrier:


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