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Remove "Polishing Helmets" Load Sequence Text

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57 minutes ago, Wcmille said:

Suggested because this text is not consistent with the "E for Everyone" rating.

I dunno.  The ESRB doesn't seem to have minded, and since it's their rating, I guess they're in a position to say, no?

It's a perfectly innocent phrase, completely reasonable in a cartoon rocket ship game about little green cartoon people who are always wearing big helmets.  I'd hazard a guess that anyone inclined to see something suggestive in such a phrase is not someone whose innocence we particularly need to worry about protecting.  Especially since it's just a silly, innocent phrase.

In any case, there's not really any point in any further discussion, because it would essentially be impossible to discuss how anyone could possibly take offense at this simple phrase without the discussion itself being of more concern than the phrase.

Thank you for your understanding.

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