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Mods to a New Save Game

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Which mods do you think it's recommend when starting a new save? I mean, mods that will not go very well on a pre-existing save game and are best used from the beginning (I'm not asking from mods that are good in general - only the ones which will need/it's best to have a new save).

Right now I'm planning to use the mods listed below. I will play a career mode with everything unlocked and without contracts, earning money with science. I'll do just the "First Worlds", and in the future I may take a look into mods that manages the contracts, specially with tourists. I'll also greatly nerf the Mobile Labs, will see in the future how and by how much.

I'm missing any great mod that will not be very good if added to an existing save, that is better to add now? Specially modes involving the game mode (career/science) and that keep track of the Kerbals.



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14 hours ago, kerbalfreak said:

I mean, mods that will not go very well on a pre-existing save game and are best used from the beginning

Anything that modifies the stock tech tree falls under this header. This is because KSP writes everything about already researched tech nodes into your save file: name, cost, parts contained within, part unlock cost, part unlock status and so on and so forth. If you then install something that changes the tech tree, all sorts of funny business can occur - from visual issues only all the way to broken tech trees and being unable to access parts.

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