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Hi! This is a small mod that I started mading by myself, but I thinkt that it could be nice to share it.

I wanted a correction of the Stock Tech Tree that let me start with probes and then advance to crewed missions. The logic choice was the SETI UnmanedBeforeManned mod, but I don't like the way it changes the game. It just gives you a lot of usseless pieces at the begining, and is not very balanced in the science you need to unlock them.

No, I wanted more stock-a-like experience, with a nice looking tree, and a balanced amount of unlocks for each node. So, instead of wait or ask anyone, I decided to make the mod by myself.

Right now the mod is in "Beta", it may not be as balanced as I think it is, and I jet need to write a propper description with all the changes that I made, and also take some captures.

Right now the mod is really out of shape. The last sanity check I did was on 1.3 so... No download links yet.

However, you can check my progress (if there is any) here:  https://github.com/GonDragon/BetterEarlyTree/projects/1


Special Thanks

@Nertea, as I used (and modify) two icons from the Community Tech Tree for this mod. License (CC BY-NC 4.0) and attribution for them included in the download.

@Ven, as I used (and modify) one SRB rocket from it's mod Ven's Stock Part Revamp to use in this mod. License (CC BY 4.0) and attribution for it included in the download.


Required Mods


Recommended Mods

This mod was thinked with these mods in mind, so they have special support and integration with this mod. However, you can still the mod without any of those.


Suggested Mods

Some mods that I think that can run smoothly with this mod (not tested yet).


Things TO-DO

  • Separate some patches in an optional mod. (Remove parts, and fix interiors)
  • Check how to add the mod to CKAN (only after the release).
  • Suggestions.


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New Update.

Probably I should start to make this thread look better. You know, "No pics, no clicks". Maybe along the week.

Also, I wanted to make a new contract pack, that reeplace all the stock ones, for a better progresion, like the SETI contrack pack, but also with some nice "secondary missions". But it's a titanic work, so I don't know. Maybe start with the basic, and if I feel it, keep it going.

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