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MK3 Cargo Bay Eve Challenge


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2 minutes ago, Foxster said:

Umm, now where have I seen a craft like that before?  :)


I don't find the old post, but there is a Foxster ship that is almost the same ! :wink: 

But for this one on KSP 1.3.1 i had to make a lot of changes... maybe not the best ascent path too, but that was very funny :) Congrat's Foxster !

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2 hours ago, Foxster said:

s all stock. There's a docking port jr. under the nosecone. Ladders visible in the VAB album picture. 

Do you have a craft file? I'd love to use this in my play through.

As for my submission, i have one that... works? I know it can land on Eve, and most likely achieve orbit. Problem is, a laptop i5 and 4 gigs of RAM don't get you very far with 100 part-clipped fuel tanks. I might not be doing it right... For the craft file, i have no idea how to upload it, so here's Google Drive- https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qatmNFyj4PXSgaITpB73mbOIId7lBo9M/view?usp=sharing -and Dropbox- https://www.dropbox.com/s/7kbzdfbgyad41i3/Um Eve_ 2.craft?dl=0 -hopefully that works. Can you download it? IDK, but it says you can view.

Instructions (assuming you have the craft)

-It has too many damn parachutes, as i thought 300 tons of fuel needs 80 parachutes.

-3.0 reaction authority from the crew module is not as good at rotating 300 tons as you might think.

-You need to have auto-strut to prevent rapid disassembly.

-For some reason, and yes, i have checked the cheat menu, the crew module's electricity does NOT drain (even without engines running) (SOLVED I AM STUPID I HAD RTGs PART-CLIPPED IN)

-Yes, you are counting 9 full, usable Mainsail engines.

-I'd recommend letting the 4 sparks in the first stage run for about 4 minutes, lowering the Peri-eve to about 50km, and NOT turning them off before staging. This prevents little uncontrollable missiles from crashing into 300 parts comprising pure madness near the surface of an un-named dense, purple marble.

-Surprisingly, it is aerodynamically stable with the heat shield inflated, even without SAS. Maybe the 100 or so fuel tanks are lowering the center of mass?

-And lastly, don't worry, it shouldn't fall apart.

If you can use it to complete the challenge, take the ownership (yes, that isn't the right word, i just forgot what word goes there, do you know?) of completing the challenge (or if you alter it a little or base your craft off of it). Just mention me somewhere in your submission. Thanks!

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8 hours ago, Aiden.J said:

Do you have a craft file? I'd love to use this in my play through.

Sure. Here you are: https://www.dropbox.com/s/l1csd3evm2n0g0f/Eve mk3 cargo 3.craft?dl=0

I did squeeze something similar into the half-size Mk3 bay but I had to lose a couple of small tanks and so could only get it into orbit from >4km altitude on Eve, so that seemed a tad cheaty. (Oh, and I'm not sure where the ladders would go). 


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22 hours ago, Foxster said:

Umm, now where have I seen a craft like that before?  :)



I've actually been poking at this, and I'm going to engage in some raw heresy by not using a Terrier upper stage. :P










I've still not worked out how to land it somewhere useful, so that's why the screens start with a hyperedited landing drop. I have however flown it through a full re-entry and unclamping from a cargo bay in orbit, so I'm confident it's just a matter of doing the whole sequence.

Note: Going fast enough to melt off the fins but not fast enough to explode the nosecone/command pod is an interesting balancing act :v

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Hello @DAL59!

I made a patch for your challenge!


"My rifle is my only friend"






200 220 250


Your Welcome!


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On 2/9/2018 at 1:03 AM, Reusables said:

But... It's already challanging to fit a strong enough electric/rocket propellers into mk3 cargo bay. Let alone a eve ascent vehicle, I guess.

Yeah the blades on most prop engines tend to be >4 meters across, and the wings tend to be very long. I think you'd essentially need to design a kit plane with a bolt-on 2-bladed prop and bolt-on wings, capable of being assembled in space by a claw drone, or on the ground by a claw truck that comes in the packaging.

But hey, if you can, that allows for nice big 20-meter or so wingspans, which is more than big enough.

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