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delta V map generators (Wiki style maybe?)


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the idea came into mind when i saw tons of different kopernicus mods that replace kerbin system, here is what i wondered, isn't there a way to calculate those nasty delta V numbers based on the info "In game" and produce a kerbal in game wiki like system for them? why not? knowing enough about unity programming, i know that if you do smart job, you can instantiate different prefabs (including GUI stuff) on the fly, why not being able to make the ingame wiki more flexible for these type of things?

ok, maybe ingame's already existing one is a bit bad idea simply because it may need tons of reflection in programming and more...

but a mod that behaves just like ingame wiki? dedicated to get different info from the configs and ingame and calculate and show all the available info "procedurally"? this way, the mod developers wouldn't need to sit and do all the nasty calculactions for the delta v map and many more stuff like geosync orbits and lots of other things

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