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Really far


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Fly 999999999999999 meters far from Kerbol




No cheats, mods, plugins,

Max 50 stages (with engines)

Must be new uncrewed vessel 

Hard mode: Max size 2 allowed

Impossible mode: Max size 1 allowed

You can do anything mode: Max size 0 allowed

Post photo of launch vehicle, mode you played, photo of you are 999999999999999 from Kerbol

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Honestly, that sounds like more of a  waiting game than anything else...

As @EpicSpaceTroll139 said, you need a ship with at the very, very least 100 km/s dV, and even then it'd take real life days. The fastest ship I've ever seen on YT is barely faster, at 106 km/s past Kerbin. This barely shears the remaining waiting time by 5%, and we're already talking about some hyper-efficient ion asparagus, which was expended in low Kerbol orbit for 4 in-game days [!!!]

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