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Metroid Prime Gunship Replica


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31 minutes ago, MacLeod-Industries said:

Looks great!

What mod did ya use for the colors?

I'd like to see a hatch on the top... maybe with a lander can or something?

I can remember entering from the top from playing Metroid Prime Hunters (DS... spinoff?)

Oh btw the hatch is on top, the middle section is a crew cab :)

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17 minutes ago, Dafni said:

How about a DL link? Would love to give it a spin.


Glad you like it.  I'm still ironing out the kinks...and making a showcase video.  It'll probably be up tonight.  I go all out for these things.  

1 minute ago, Rocket In My Pocket said:


I'm already hearing the opening menu track from Prime in my head...

Now I gotta play some Metroid games again, thanks a lot! Lol.

Trust me...I'm all over it and got something special for the showcase video.

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4 hours ago, Dafni said:

@GillyMonster thanks for sharing. I'll try to take it out for a ride on the weekend.

Just bring it back with a full tank :D

45 minutes ago, Rocket In My Pocket said:

Vid was awesome!

I gotta show this to my girlfriend, she loves Metroid.

Maybe she'll actually be impressed by KSP for once! Lol.

Cool!  Thanks for the feedback :)

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