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Old KSP Website account (log in)


I See that since the new update is coming to PC soon, I thought I would ask how the people who bought it before Mar 2013 get it free how thats going to work. 

Now I'm sure I purchased the pre-steam beta versions on the website before this date, but cannot remember and would like to confirm this by checking.,. I can't seem to find the area of the site that will tell me about my past purchase etc. (how it used to be) 

Any clues for this little question would help, cheers. I'm probably being an idiot but you never know. 

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Thanks guys, as suspected it was me being an idiot. just not really browsed the main site in a good couple years. 

Kerbal Space Program  


Nice. looks like I'm good for it.

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12 minutes ago, touzenesmy said:

I have the same issue here, can you offer support please ?... we actually bought the game...


2 hours ago, jrsteensen said:

I have the same issue as adammada. Any fix so I can redownload KSP? (Bought it way back in the day.)


4 hours ago, adammada said:

Well, i have different problem. I enter:


I log in using my credentials. I see "My Account" button. But when i click on it i'm just redirected to: https://kerbalspaceprogram.com/en/ . I cannot download my game :(((

Hello, please open a new thread about this issue, so our support team can help you,  this one is old. 

Thank you :D


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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one.

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