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[1.10.1] Making Alternate History - Lander Pack


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Welcome to the development thread for Making Alternate History!

Inspired by the alternate history universe of Eyes Turned Skyward, this pack brings you a set of stock-a-like Artemis / Altair landers and habitats complete with all the parts necessary for a voyage to another solar body.
























Making Alternate History was previously labeled as 100% dependent upon Textures Unlimited, however this is revised and Textures Unlimited is now only required if you would like to use the Mk1 and Mk3 Habitat modules.

At time of posting, Textures Unlimited is version 1.9.x and no one can be responsible for any issues that arise from Textures Unlimited 1.9.x being run on 1.10.x. In testing with this mod, things worked fine.

Thank you @Shadowmage 

Download Textures Unlimited:


Download Making Alternate History Update 1.10.1 now from Spacedock:

Download  lya77iI.png



Extract the contents of the GameData folder to your GameData folder. Structure should then read GameData\MAH

NOTE: When Bluedog Design Bureau addon is installed, the descent stage engines will function as liquid hydrogen and the descent stage fuel will change to liquid hydrogen / oxidizer. When BDB is not installed, the engine will function as a standard LFO engine and the descent stage fuel will adjust accordingly as well.


Optional Configs:

Config files reside inside a patches folder and will automatically detect installed add-ons and function appropriately. No action is necessary on the user's part.

Patches include:

Connected Living Space

Kerbal Inventory System


TAC Life Support

USI Life Support




Update 1.10.1

Re-compile for 1.10.1
New colliders for cargo bay on Descent Stage (you can now store small items in the bay easily)
Added crew report function to all crewed modules
Added small electric generator to all crewed modules
Config file clean-ups and some various small changes like model= instead of mesh=


Update 1.4.2

Re-compile of all parts for 1.4.2 compatibility


Update 1.3.1

Re-compile of all parts for KSP 1.3.1 compatibility


Update 1.2

Added 4x attachment nodes to the ascent stage for the RCS thrusters
RCS thrusters now have an attachment node
Reduced size of RCS thrusters slightly to not look awkward on ascent stage
Fixed some funkiness with the airlock hatches on all modules
Fixed inaccurate plume on ascent stage engines
Added Real Plume configs for ascent and descent engines
Fixed center of mass and adjusted attachment nodes accordingly on all parts
Ascent stage now has an IVA
IVA has extra props when using Near Future Props
Fixed Kerbal Inventory System and Connected Living Space patches (They now function properly)
Greatly reduced fuel volume in descent stage (without BDB addon)
Ascent stage now supports 4x Kerbals


A very special thank you to @CobaltWolf @Shadowmage @Nertea @blackheart612 @JadeOfMaar @taniwha @EmbersArc @alexustas @T-10a @hieywiey @Rock3tman_ @Daishi @Angel-125



Making Alternate History is License CC-BY-4.0


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Update 1.10.1
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8 minutes ago, helaeon said:

If you're making individual lander parts for lego like use... you're my hero. Your parts so far have been super high quality so I'm excited for these.

Thanks - that is also the plan :D

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