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Why hasn't the bugtracker been updated in over a month?

Joessep Kerman


So, after all of the "Make sure to post to the bugtracker" talk these mods do, I thought, "Maybe I can find some progress in the bugtracker".


Not even an updated status for the XBox1 enhanced release. The bugtracker still has it noted that there are no confirmed bugs! Really?

I want to stay away, but I just can't help ranting about how awful the support on this forum (from anyone other than other frustrated members) and with squad in general has been. 



So would a "mod" or someone "in the know" explain why nothing is updated on this site that we've been directed to as our best source of "current progress"?

Is this confirmation that Squad has submitted a game to the XBox Live market without making a good faith effort to fix a breach of contract? Or are Squad and the "Forum Support Goons" really just expecting console gamers to transfer data from their consoles, convert digital medias, and upload it to a non-updating bugtracker so that a fix can be released sometime in Neveruary? And they won't be compensated for their time either?

Is this the behavior we should be proud of from developers? Do you really support this, forum mods?

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I believe the status will jump from 0 or 10% to 100% when the update is about to come out - really hope it's not at 0 / 10% yet after all this time.

I'm not sure the reason for this though. Maybe there is not much of a point to update the "fix percentage" until they are not sure it's fixed and it's working a 100%. Also, for more complex problems, they may have fixed some of it but not all of it, so it's not possible to say how much % was fixed, since some parts of this problem may take longer than others to be fixed and tested.

For example, this specific issue: 

 it has been fixed, although the fix progress bar hasn't been updated and probably won't be until the patch is about to come out.

Anyhow, I'd like as well some more communication from Squad, mentioning what they could get fixed and being honest on what might not be working properly or was difficult to test thoroughly yet.

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