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Eye candy in KSP



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12 hours ago, Enot02 said:

I want to make my KSP look better, but my computer is a potato, so I need to choose a visual mod that would not destroy my PC while looking pretty.

Unfortunately, you're probably going to be limited in your options.  "Looking pretty" pretty much requires good graphics hardware-- there's not really any way around it.

Note that pretty graphics are more about the graphics card rather than the computer itself.  I'm not sure what your technical and/or financial circumstances or limitations are, but if you're playing with an ancient graphics card, it might be possible to get a significant visual upgrade just by shelling out a few bucks for a new one.  There are some pretty darn nice graphics cards available these days, for fairly reasonable prices if you don't try to go for one of the top-end uber-gaming ones.

Not sure whether that's an option for you or not-- just wanted to be sure you're aware that it's often possible to get much nicer graphics just by swapping out a new graphics card, without having to entirely replace the computer.

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