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Dear people, I started from scratch with a 3-d model this weekend.

Just for fun..  It fascinated me to expand it further. at first I only worked on a spaceship.

Afterwards thought about deployment area and added the descent / ascent module. later other details like landing legs and animation.

I finally made a concept out of it.   - "Adelante" was born.



Trivia about 'adelante'

'Adelante' comes from the Spanish and means something like 'forward' or 'ahead'

USS-Adelante was a ship in the early 19th century.





The Concept of LLS-'Adelante' is a lunar landing system - That's why I use the abbreviation 'LLS'.

LLS-'Adelante' come with an Descent/Ascent module. also a decoupler module and fairing shell part.

Eventually later comes a first-stage carrier with a corresponding powerful drive. But is optional for me and not absolutely necessary as there are enough 5 m diameter carrier systems that can be used.



:: collaboration and realization and status of this project ::


Would be nice if someone could take over the Unity & configurations sets.
Would certainly give the project a boost.
But I would like to realize the graphics and textures myself.

So everyone who wants to work seriously on this project is welcome  ..  Cheers !


status of this project at moment:  Concept (Blender 3D Model)


Pictures, Pictures, Pictures ..

Here are some pictures, it was fun. I quickly created some 3d-scenes with light. a few cameras placed .. done!

Have fun !

full Concept-Album: ADELANTE




possible habitat-modules concepts : https://imgur.com/gallery/kWpDr





few pictures here..




- 'Adelante' on lunar orbit



- decoupling the Descent/ascent Module and aproach return back to earth with Space Ship Module Adelante.






As always, I try to harmonize functional aspects and aesthetics in the design.
beautiful lines and curves that are broken by slightly accentuated edges I like very much.


- Adelante with all components included First Stage. ( first Stage is optional for me and not absolutely necessary as there are enough 5 m diameter carrier systems that can be used for 'Adelante'. )



- These are the core components :

* Protective Fairing Shell and below the ProtectiveAdapter-Decoupler part (all are 5m diameter parts)

* In between the Descent/Ascent Module and the Spaceship Adelante.



- measures of Space Ship Adelante with Descent/Ascent Module and extended landing foots.





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status of 'adelante' - concept
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Hello everyone,

I've made small adjustments to the design of the design. here a handful of pictures .. cheers !

full album here : https://imgur.com/gallery/dszwq

- adaption at hatch backside of ship.



- adaption of lateral sides of ship, the engines are more covered. - the lateral sides get now significantly more edges.


- possible design of pressurized astronaut chamber.



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