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kOS - 3 simple questions



Hey everyone,

I am using kOS autopilot in RO and have three little questions, as I have no experience in programming.

1.: Upon Launch I lock my steering to UP. When passing a certain vertical speed, I lock my steering to heading (90:80) - pitching down by 10 degrees. Now I want to wait until the SAS-prograde-pitch is less than 80° and lock my steering to SAS-prograde.

How do I express the "SAS prograde pitch" and "SAS prograde yaw"? Something like:



WHEN "SASprogradepitch" is < 80 THEN SAS ON.



is what I am looking for.


2.: Which command toggles the button above the navball - changing the navball reference to surface,orbit or target?

3. Are there acronyms for "pitch" and "yaw" "pitch/yaw with reference to orbit" and "pitch/yaw with reference to surface"?


I could not find anything in the manaul.

Thanks for your answers

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(1) - The function call : VANG(ship:up:vector, ship:srfprograde:vector) will give you the angle between straight up and your surface-prograde vector.  (I assume you want surface and not orbital here).  So, for example, a pitch of 80 would mean there is 10 degrees angle between up and prograde.  If you do 90 - VANG(ship:up:vector, ship:srfprograde:vector) then you should get the pitch number you are looking for.

(2) - There is no such thing in kOS.  Instead you can explicitly mention which you are interested in because prograde comes in two varieties - surface and orbital.  You can say srfprograde for surface, or just prograde for orbital.  You can say ship:velocity:surface or ship:velocity:orbit to get velocity vectors in the two frames.  For target-relative there isn't a shortcut, but you can always subtract your target's velocity vector from your velocity vector to get the same thing the navball would have shown you in target mode.

(3) - Not really.  But if you want this kind of information, look at lib/navball in the community library.  It's possible to get this information with a few lines of kOS script code and this example shows how.
The documentation describing the functions is here: https://github.com/KSP-KOS/KSLib/blob/master/doc/lib_navball.md
The actual functions themselves are here: https://github.com/KSP-KOS/KSLib/blob/master/library/lib_navball.ks

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