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[1.3 - 1.8.1] Decoupler Shroud

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29 minutes ago, DerGolgo said:

Could such, perhaps, be achieved for Tweakscale even, @Lisias? Instead of baiting our breaths as we wait for Squad's surely imminent bugfix, eschew the kaput bits entirely, and build our own damn settings boxes. With blackjack and hookers!

It's something that I'm thinking on too. I found on Github what appears be the initial, open source implementation of that widgets. (I still wanna do some more background research before openly talking about them - but you can find by yourselves).

These ones can't be used because they, at that time, were relying on a closed source component from Unity Store that is not available anymore. Assuming that code were internalized into KSP, it's a good explanation about the current status of these widgets - the lib they rely on is unmaintained and not available for download anymore (at least, for who did't had bought it at the time), and are probably unmaintained and perhaps non working on Unity 2019 (that lib is from the Unity5 times).

However… And that's where we can be lucky, we can try to replace only the needed features from that lib and not the whole shebang. More, we don't need to make that thing reusable, we can aim to just implement what are needed, the way are need to accomplish the immediate goals.

40 minutes ago, DerGolgo said:

So, here's my mad fever dream. What if, rather than making all the sliders for manual shrouding appear in the requisite part's info-box, they could appear in a second box? Press a button, separate box opens, with the sliders for the shroud.
One of the many, many, many, many modes I have interned in my main install, it lets me change the constituent components in tanks, turn a hydrogen can into a battery with sewage space.
Could a separate menu box be built that would handle all the shrouding of a decoupler, independent of the part's info box?

Rewriting the UI is always an option. It's one I would prefer not to pursue, because I would like to keep TweakScale code-tree multi-KSP as much as I can, simplifying both development and deployment. I understand that this is not an option for everybody, TweakScale is a special case, it does not run on every frame (only on the VAB/FAB and on craft loading), so I don't care for performance.

But even for KSP 1.8 specific Add'Ons, these three widgets are very handy. I would hate to lose them.

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The name of the guy is UI_FloatRange. It does not have half the conveniency of UI_ScaleEdit, but it's doing part of the job.


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1 hour ago, JebIsDeadBaby said:


so Squad's bugfix fixed TweakScale, which fixed Decoupler Shroud but I still have some problems with textures. Is there any way to fix it?


Thanks for reminding me.

I think i used an older image format for some of the textures, which is no longer supported by KSP. I converted them and everything seems to work again.

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On 4/18/2020 at 5:45 AM, Daniel Prates said:

It sure does.

sadly not for me.

it crash the game on startup.

sometimes with visualAlloc remapping failed, sometimes without and takes chrome or other open apps also down. 

without this mod, my rockets looks ugly ;);)

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